One of the first questions people ask when they contact me is “how do you charge?” The answer is “it depends.” There are no cookie-cutter solutions; everyone’s situation is unique. I never charge until I know that I can add some value to your situation. YBA requires a client to sign a simple service agreement setting forth the services to be performed and the fee arrangement.

For administrative work such as managing medical paperwork and following up with providers and insurers, YBA typically charges $90 to $100 per hour.

For preparing claim appeals, YBA's standard hourly rate is $150, but depending on the complexity of the claim, the amount of the claim and the likelihood of success, YBA may consider a fixed fee, plus a success premium payable if the insurance company overturns the denial.

For consulting services, YBA charges $125 to $150 per hour depending on the complexity of the matter.

YBA is committed to these affordable rates so that individuals can obtain the coverage they are entitled to.