“Susan Loeb provided invaluable support

and the legal expertise I needed as I transitioned from active employment to LTD status. As someone who suffers from a mental health disability I could not handle the paperwork involved in the disability process and the stress of dealing with the disability claims manager. She saved my benefits from being cut-off.”

Grateful client from Illinois

YBA helps individuals successfully access and maintain their long-term disability benefits under their employer group plan or self-employed individual policy. Not surprisingly, individuals who are unable to work due to a medical condition cannot manage the application process without assistance or respond effectively when the insurer takes steps to cut off coverage.

YBA can:
  • Explain how your employer’s leave policies, including how the Family Leave and Medical Act, workers’ compensation and short- and long-term disability benefits work together.
  • Ensure that you maximize your health insurance coverage and other employee benefits while on LTD.
  • Manage the application process to make sure that no mistakes are made that could compromise coverage and benefits.
  • Work with your treating physician to make sure the insurance company gets the medical documentation needed to approve a claim initially and on an ongoing basis.
  • Manage the insurance company’s request for an independent medical examination (IME), a tool to support a decision to cut off benefits.
  • Advocate for your benefits when the insurance company cuts off benefits. See Appeals of Claim Denials and Success Stories.

Note: YBA does not pursue Social Security Disability benefits, but works closely with attorneys who do.