“Medicare’s enrollment and coverage rules

are set by federal law and highly technical regulations. There isn’t a lot of wiggle room for making a mistake."

—Susan H. Loeb, JD, Your Benefits Advocate

Medicare Enrollment: Most Americans are eligible for Medicare when they turn age 65, or are under age 65 and have been receiving Social Security benefits for 24 months. Medicare’s enrollment rules are very technical and complicated. YBA can advise when to enroll in Medicare, especially if you are still working and covered under an employer-sponsored medical plan.

Medicare and COBRA: The interface between Medicare and COBRA is very technical and complicated. YBA can help you avoid costly errors when choosing between Medicare and COBRA. See Success Stories.

Which Medicare Plan to Choose: Transitioning from employment to retirement or disability changes your medical coverage. YBA can educate you about traditional Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans, and help you choose the plan that bests fits your situation.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: YBA can help you choose and enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan that is most appropriate for you.

More Paperwork with Medicare: With traditional Medicare you have three insurers—Medicare, your Medigap policy (which is secondary to Medicare), and a stand alone prescription drug plan (your situation may be different if you have retiree medical benefits through an employer). YBA can manage your claims and bills to make sure you don’t pay money you don’t owe and can appeal any wrongful denials.

Medicare Advantage Plans: Medicare Advantage Plans are run by private for-profit companies. Although they are required to offer the same coverage as traditional Medicare, they may have different cost structures and will determine benefits under their own policies and procedures. In an attempt to save money, they often cut off benefits such as skilled nursing and home health benefits prematurely, knowing that it can be difficult for seniors to appeal denials without help. YBA will advocate for your benefits under a Medicare Advantage plan. See Success Stories.